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Application Transfer Tape Houston

Application Transfer Tape Houston DiscountSignSupplies.Com is an online store that specializes in a wide range of products that can help your business produce high-quality signs. We only operate online, so we are able to provide the lowest prices on the best brands of application transfer tape Houston. Order products any time in our website.  

When choosing between medium and high tack application transfer tapes, consider the properties of the substrates and vinyl that you are using. Three things should be kept in mind while you pick out the best transfer tape: first is the adhesive bond between the vinyl and the tape, second, the bond between the substrate and the tape, and third, the bond between the substrate and the vinyl. Ideally, the bond between your tape and the vinyl should be stronger than the bond between the paper release liner and the vinyl; otherwise, the tape won't pull efficiently off the liner. Discount Sign Supplies is the best place to go for high quality application transfer tape Houston, and other sign making supplies. We carry an entire range of materials, tools, software, and equipment to help you run a competitive and profitable sign business, providing you with reasonably priced supplies and products from your most trusted brands. 
Using high-tack tape to apply graphics to smooth surfaces like glass and painted metal may not be ideal, as the tape is likely to bond strongly to the surface. Because of this, the fresh bond between the substrate and the newly applied vinyl gets stressed, which may lead to bubbles in the vinyl. On the other hand, applying graphics to more porous or rough surfaces can be quite a challenge when using transfer tapes with weaker bonds. If you are looking for different types of application transfer tape Houston for your graphics needs, take a look at the range of products offered at Discount Sign Supplies.
Application Transfer Tape Houston

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Application Transfer Tape Houston